Goodlining Investments LTD (YDM) owns Professional production facility and Flexibility process management. Specializes in the production of metal mechanic parts and plastic parts, includes Tooling, Stamping, Plastic injection, Laser Cut, NCT, Die Casting, CNC, Coating, Electronic(PCB & PCBA, MCPCB & MCPCBA) and Product Assembly etc.,

► Stamping
     ▪ Mold Processing/Tooling
         → Stage Mold Production
         → Progressive Die Production
     ▪ NCT Sample Service
Mold Processing/Tooling
Stage Mold Production
Progressive Die Production
NCT Sample Service
► Plastic
     ▪ Mold Technology
     ▪ Prototype Sample
     ▪ Forming
     ▪ Insert Molding
Mold Technology
Prototype Sample Forming Insert Molding
► Die Casting
     ▪ Mold Processing/Tooling
     ▪ Magnesium Alloy
     ▪ Zinc Alloy
     ▪ Aluminum Alloy
Mold Processing/Tooling
Magnesium Alloy Zinc Alloy Aluminum Alloy
► CNC Processing 
     ▪ Milling
     ▪ Wire Cutting
     ▪ Cross Cutting
► Coating
     ▪ Laser Itching
     ▪ Sandblasting
     ▪ Electro Deposited Coating
     ▪ Liquid Coating
     ▪ Powder Coating
     ▪ Anodized Treatment
Laser Marking Sandblasting
Electro Deposited Coating Liquid Coating Powder Coating
Anodized Treatment    
► Electronic
     ▪ PCB & PCBA
     ▪ MCPCBA
► Assembly
► Quality Control Equipment
► Facilities for Thermal products
     ▪ 1st time de-air machine
     ▪ 2nd time de-air machine
     ▪ reflow oven
     ▪ thermal module assembly line
     ▪ continued sintered oven
     ▪ bell type sintered oven
1st time de-air machine   2nd time de-air machine
2nd time de-air machine reflow oven thermal module assembly line
continued sintered oven bell type sintered oven